Date Subject
2018-09-06 CMU Signed MoU and Held Joint Symposium with Yonsei University (YU)
2018-09-02 2018 Administration and Colleges Consensus Camp- Building up AI Smart University & Hospital, Enhancing Research Power, Promoting Innovative Features, and Upgrading Services
2018-08-28 CMU Penghu Volunteer Team of Chinese Medicine Went for a Healthcare Mission on Jiangjun’ao Island and Chime Island
2018-08-15 First of Its Kind Standard Operating Procedure Workshop Launches at CMU
2018-07-30 CMU Medical & Healthcare Volunteers Put Training Skills into Practice on Lanyu Island
2018-07-27 CMUH Center for Prevention and Treatment of Occupational Injury and Disease Assists Injured Workers to return to the workplace
2018-07-18 New Era Launches-Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for the CMU Shui-Nan Industry-Academia Campus
2018-07-15 The 60th Anniversary Celebration- Overseas Alumni Reunion
2018-07-13 CMU Held International Conference on Biomedical Sciences & the 15th Symposium of the Frontiers of Biomedical Sciences on June 29th and 30th
2018-06-28 31 Taiwanese universities hit top Asia-Pacific Universities list - CMU ranks 6th in Taiwan, and 1st in Private School
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