Date Subject
2020-09-09 China Medical University Hospital Superintendent Long-Bin Jeng’s Cross-disciplinary Team Receive the “2020 FutureTech Demo and Breakthrough Award”
2020-09-07 CMU Professor Shih-Chieh Hung Received the 16th Excellent Medicine Technology Award
2020-08-31 CMU’s New Research Findings against the Pandemic! President Mien-Chie Hung and Research Team Published Breakthrough Research in American Journal of Cancer Research
2020-08-21 New Breakthrough in Taiwan’s Anti-pandemic Research! CMU President Mien-Chie Hung and the Research Team Published the Breakthrough Research Results in bioRxiv
2020-08-04 The Service Team of CMU School of Pharmacy Provided Healthcare Service to Rural Residents by Cycling Around Taiwan
2020-07-29 [2020 BIO Asia-Taiwan] Fighting COVID-19, Ever Supreme Bio Technology Can Help!
2020-07-28 CMU Associate Professor Hsin-Ju Kuo Honored “The Distinguished Award for General Education Teachers”
2020-07-21 China Medical University & Healthcare System Shine in the “2020 BIO Asia-Taiwan”
2020-06-30 China Medical University: 2nd Best Private University in Taiwan University Performance Evaluation by Global Views Monthly
2020-06-20 CMU and NTU AIROBO Held the 2nd “Taiwan is Helping: AI x Pandemic Prevention Online Forum”
2020-06-18 CMU Associate Professor Wen-Chin Huang Led an Academia-Industry Cooperation and Published Research Findings on the Journal Cancers
2020-06-16 Facemasks Effectively Prevent the Spreading of Pandemic: Professor Jong-Yi Wang’s Letter Published on the Journal Science
2020-06-15 CMU International PhD Student Gil Ton Received the “Taiwan Scholarship Graduate Student Outstanding Performance Award”
2020-05-20 CMU Epidemic Prevention Frontline: Special Report I-A Leading University in Campus Epidemic Prevention
2020-05-20 CMU Epidemic Prevention Frontline: Special Report II-Office of Academic Affairs Ensure that Students Can Continue Their Learning during Epidemic Prevention Period

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