Date Subject
2019-11-10 “Coexist”, the Cosmetic Brand of CMU Department of Cosmeceutics Became a Spotlight in the 2019 Taiwan International Coffee Festival
2019-10-18 Innovative Development for Artificial Dermis: CMU’s Spin-off Company “EVER FORTUNE.AI” Received the 16th National Innovation Award
2019-10-17 Superintendent Der-Yang Cho of CMUH Received the 16th National Innovation Award for His Contribution to New Drug Development for Cell Therapy
2019-10-05 CMU Professor Jaung-Geng Lin was Invited to Give Plenary Speech at the “International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare”
2019-09-25 CMU Assistant Professor Ming-Chieh Li and Research Team from Harvard University Published Breakthrough Research Findings on the International Journal Environmental Research
2019-09-24 CMU Professor Jia-Zer Tsay Received the National Innovation Award by Discovering “A Novel Serological Test for Diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis”
2019-09-13 The 2nd CMU-UT Joint Symposium: International Academic Exchanges with Renowned University
2019-09-06 CMU and AU Research Team Published on Journal of Investigative Medicine by Discovering High-polluted CO and NO2 Increase the Risk of Macular Degeneration
2019-09-03 China Medical University and Hokkaido University Held The 2nd CMU-HU Joint Symposium
2019-09-02 China Medical University 2019 Freshmen Orientation
2019-08-31 CMU and NUS Held The 3rd CMU-NUS Joint Symposium to Strengthen Bilateral Research Cooperation
2019-08-01 Grand Opening of CMU College of Biomedical Engineering
2019-07-31 CMU President Mien-Chie Hung Invited as the Plenary Speaker in International Summits
2019-07-25 China Medical University Beigang Hospital Develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Predict Children’s Future Height
2019-07-19 Good News for Target Therapy Treatment: CMU President Mien-Chie Hung’s International Research Team Published Research Findings on Cancer Cell Journal

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