Date Subject
2020-11-09 New Technology for Immune Cell Treatment: CMUH’s Theranostic Platform Technology Received the 17th National Innovation Award
2020-11-06 CMUH Surgery Department Received the 17th National Innovation Award with Their Breakthrough Technology in Microsurgery
2020-11-05 CMUH Cross-Disciplinary Team Received the 17th National Innovation Award with Their Development: Artificial Intelligence Assisted Autodiagnosis of ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction 24/7
2020-10-27 The AI Research Team of CMUH Department of Chinese Medicine Received the 17th National Innovation Award
2020-10-26 CMU Professor Suh-Hang Juo Received the “Excellence in Technology Transfer Award” from the Ministry of Science and Technology for Developing a Novel Eye Drops for Treating Myopia
2020-10-23 CMU and UK Collaborative Research Team Publishes Review Paper Discussing the Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Mental Healthcare during COVID-19
2020-10-22 CMU Professor Ao-Lin Hsu of Center of Excellence for Healthy Aging Published Research Findings in Science Advances
2020-10-19 CMU Assistant Professor Shi-Heng Wang Received the 2020 Taiwan Public Health Association-Best Publication Award
2020-10-06 A New Strategy for Target Therapy of Liver Cancer! CMU President Mien-Chie Hung Published Innovative Research Findings in the Journal of Hepatology
2020-09-26 CMU Research Team and Georgia State University Published Findings of a Collaborative Research on “PRMT1 as a Therapeutic Target in Neuroblastoma”
2020-09-22 A New Treatment Direction for Drug-resistant Breast Cancer! CMU Research Team Published Their Findings in Nature Communications
2020-09-18 Positive News for Obesity and Diabetes Patients! CMU Dr. Chih-Hao Wang’s Research Findings Published in the journal Science Translational Medicine
2020-09-15 A New Strategy for Target Treatment of Tumor: CMU President Mien-Chie Hung’s Recent Research Breakthrough Publishes in Nature Cell Biology
2020-09-09 China Medical University Hospital Superintendent Long-Bin Jeng’s Cross-disciplinary Team Receive the “2020 FutureTech Demo and Breakthrough Award”
2020-09-07 CMU Professor Shih-Chieh Hung Received the 16th Excellent Medicine Technology Award

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