CMU Professor Wen-Chen Tsai Receives the 2021 National Excellent Teacher Award from Ministry of Education

Date:July 27, 2021

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Professor Wen-Chen Tsai from the Department of Health Services Administration, was awarded the Ministry of Education’s 2021 National Excellent Teacher Award. Despite suffering from bone cancer, Professor Tsai still upholds the belief of making the most out of his life. His passion for education and devotion to teaching and nurturing talents made him an outstanding role model for teachers.


The National Excellent Teacher Award is the highest honor in Taiwan’s education circles. 72 teachers were awarded the honor in 2021. Professor Tsai was one of 10 university teachers to be given the award. Professor Tsai said with gratitude that his life was full of challenges and setbacks. Just shortly after he received a PhD scholarship from the United States, he was diagnosed with bone cancer. After treatment, he went to the Tulane University to pursue a PhD in health service management. After completed his study, Professor Tsai has been engaged in education services for 23 years. He does not treat himself as a patient, but like other teachers, he made a lot of efforts in teaching, doing research, and mentoring students. Professor Tsai has won many awards from the government and CMU, including awards for excellent teachers, outstanding researchers, and special contributions.


“Life is full of challenges and unpredictability. We have to cherish every moment.” Professor Tsai often share his life beliefs with students, hoping that they will live their lives to the fullest.


The outstanding performances of Professor Wen-Chen Tsai include:

  1. Educational Spirit:

Professor Tsai uses innovative methods in teaching to stimulate students' interest in class. In addition, Professor Tsai provides care and guidance to help disadvantaged students graduate from university.

  1. Course Improvement and Teaching Performance:

Professor Tsai is devoted to teaching and offers about 10 different courses each year in different programs. He has been rated the best teacher at CMU many times. Professor Tsai also guides the undergraduate students in their thesis writing and grant applications. Many of Professor Tsai’s students have already become professors and instructors in universities worldwide.

  1. Class Management and Guidance for students:

Professor Tsai has served as a mentor for a long time, assisting students with learning or economic difficulties. In addition, he also helped students to establish a Toastmaster English Club at CMU, to promote students' English learning.

  1. Research and Publication:

Professor Tsai has published more than 150 SCI/SSCI papers, nearly 400 papers at both domestic and international seminars, and hosted or co-hosted more than 230 research projects that obtained abundant research funding and resources for CMU.

  1. Dedication to Education:

Professor Tsai has held many administrative positions in CMU. He has devoted himself to the improvement of school affairs. Professor Tsai also helped establishment of sister school agreements between CMU and three universities in the USA (Tulane University, University of South Carolina, and California State University Long Beach).

  1. Influence on Society:

Professor Tsai actively promotes the education of health services administration in Taiwan. He has held many important positions in associations and organizations for health service administration and public health. In addition, Professor Tsai has also served as editor or consultant for many academic journals in Taiwan’s public health field. He has also been a member of the evaluation committee for Taiwan’s higher education, making continuous efforts to improve the quality of Taiwan’s university education and clinical education.

  1. Administrative Cooperation and Public Affairs:

Professor Tsai has long devoted himself to education and public affairs. He has served as consultant for a number of government medical plans and many medical associations, and has participated in social services to make contribution to the society.



	Professor Wen-Chen Tsai

Professor Wen-Chen Tsai