CMU Gains Social Prestige Recognition for its Talent Cultivation and Commitment to Pandemic Prevention

Date:July 9, 2021

Chinese Version

“Better Life, Better World” is the core value of the University Social Responsibility (USR) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of China Medical University. In the 2021 Taiwan’s Best University Rankings by the Global Views Monthly magazine, China Medical University showed outstanding performance in the category of Social Prestige. CMU ranked ninth in SDGs Contribution and World University Influence. In Social Prestige, China Medical University improved eight places over last year to ranked in the top 30.


China Medical University, one of the largest medical universities in Taiwan, focuses on the development of both Chinese and western medicine. China Medical University puts equal emphasis on humanities and professional knowledge, integrated basic and clinical medicine. The university attaches great importance to the environment, social, and governance sustainable goals.


Due to the global pandemic, China Medical University and the affiliated hospital established a research team in 2020 that focuses on drug development for COVID-19. The research team has screened more than 10 effective drugs from the FDA-approved clinical drug library and is currently preparing to enter clinical trials. In the past year, CMU was designated by the Ministry of Education as the Central Taiwan Epidemic Prevention Consultation University. The pandemic prevention team of China Medical University consists of medical, public health, and occupational safety professionals that have helped the local community and schools in dealing with the pandemic.


Dean Cheng-Chun Lee, convener of the USR and SDG Office, said that promoting the goal of “Better life, Better World” is an important mission as a medical university. Even though the pandemic situation is still severe, CMU will continue to make efforts in social care and services.



	Dean Cheng-Chun Lee and the members of USR and SDG Office

Dean Cheng-Chun Lee and the members of USR and SDG Office