Dr. John S. Kuo, Vice President-Elect of China Medical University, is committed to continuous innovation and self-transcendence

Date:May 28, 2021

Chinese Version

Dr. John S. Kuo, a world famous neurosurgeon and brain tumor scientist, will return home to Taiwan! He accepted the invitation of Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai and President Mien-Chie Hung to serve as the Vice President for Medical Affairs of China Medical University starting September, 2021. With his clinical excellence and professional achievements from top US universities and academic medical centers, Dr. Kuo will help advance Taiwan’s biomedical field to the world class level and cultivate a new generation of talents to further contribute to our society.


“I will work hard as a role model,” said Dr. Kuo, “In this fast-paced era, we will make breakthroughs by continuous innovation and insatiable curiosity to bring new hope for treating human diseases.”


Dr. Kuo is an internationally renowned neurosurgeon specializing in complex brain tumor surgery, pituitary surgery and stereotactic radiosurgery. He has created and led multidisciplinary clinical programs of excellence. Dr. Kuo led and co-authored influential national guidelines for brain tumor clinical management and is a leader in the Brain Tumor Executive Committee and other major US neurosurgery, neuro-oncology, and medical societies. Along with outstanding clinical performance, Dr. Kuo has received many research grants and academic honors. He was elected to the American Academy of Neurological Surgeons as a top US academic neurosurgeon out of over 5000 US/Canadian neurosurgeons and elected to the Society of University Surgeons as a top US surgeon across all surgical specialties. Over many years, Dr. Kuo was chosen by his peers as one of America’s Top Surgeons and Castle Connolly America’s Top Doctors.


Dr. Kuo was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and moved to New York for further education. In high school, he won a US National Westinghouse Science Talent Search Scholarship and was honored by Taiwan’s former President Teng-Hui Lee. Dr. Kuo graduated from Harvard University with highest honors and won a full scholarship from Harvard Medical School and MIT to earn both MD and PhD degrees. Dr. Kuo then trained in clinical neurosurgery at the University of Southern California and was funded by the American Brain Tumor Association for postdoctoral training at University of Toronto. Then, Dr. Kuo was recruited to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earned tenure as Professor of Neurological Surgery and Human Oncology, and led the Brain Tumor Program at UW’s Carbone Cancer Center before moving to Texas in 2018.


At Dell Medical School of The University of Texas at Austin (UT), Dr. John S. Kuo is currently the Founding Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery and Surgical Director of the Mulva Clinic for the Neurosciences. He also serves as Professor in the UT Institute of Neuroscience and the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology. In only 3 years and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Kuo established a brand-new department and recruited many nationally renowned faculty clinicians and clinician-scientists to advance the clinical care, research and educational frontiers for children and adults with neurological diseases. They serve patients at many Austin area hospitals, research innovative surgical techniques, develop new brain tumor immunotherapies, and collaborate to engineer new technologies for functional recovery after stroke, trauma, and neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Kuo and his team teaches and mentors many UT undergraduates, medical students, graduate students, and fellows, and is poised to start a new neurosurgery residency program.


To develop novel cancer therapies and improve clinical outcomes, Dr. Kuo supervises a research group studying cancer stem cell biology and has led many multi-institutional clinical trials. He has authored many high impact scientific publications and given many invited presentations at prestigious institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Pennsylvania, Japan, Singapore, and in Taiwan at Academia Sinica, National Taiwan University, China Medical University…etc. He was also an invited speaker at many international meetings such as the Asian Australasian Society of Neurological Surgeons, ASEAN Neurological Congress, and the World Academy of Neurological Surgeons. In addition to research, Dr. Kuo is also enthusiastic in cultivating new generation of talents, and won multiple teaching awards at Harvard, MIT and University of Wisconsin for his dedication and excellence in teaching and mentoring.


Dr. Kuo is eager to engage with the faculty and staff of the prestigious China Medical University Health System comprised of almost 6000 beds in the highest quality hospitals to advance Taiwan’s biomedical and health care innovations to the top international level. He is looking forward to passing on his valuable experiences to the over 7000 talented students and trainees of China Medical University in Taiwan by serving as a role model for the next generation of talents!


	Dr Kuo showing W sign

Dr Kuo showing W sign

	Dr Kuo performing microsurgery

Dr Kuo performing microsurgery