An Excellent Role Model! CMU Medical Student Pin-Chun Chen was Elected as the Chairperson of the Asian Medical Students’ Association

Date:May 11, 2021

Chinese Version

Pin-Chun Chen, a third-year student in the School of Medicine, China Medical University, was elected as the 37th Chairperson of Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) with high votes. He is the second Taiwanese Chairperson since 2005.


Pin-Chun said he likes to make friends from all over the world and is willing to participate in public affairs. In freshmen year, he participated in the East Asian Medical Student Conference in Thailand, and in the sophomore year he served as the international academic head of AMSA Taiwan and held various activities for academic promotion. During his junior year, he serves as the Regional Chairperson that represents Taiwan in international communication with other countries. Therefore, with the opportunities to understand the operation of international organizations, he decided to participate in the election of the Chairperson of AMSA.


Pin-Chun said he has learned a lot from participating in international organizations. The Asian Medical Students’ Association actively promotes academic exchanges and international collaborations, which is a great platform for medical students, so he hope to further make AMSA better by serving as the Overall Chairperson. In addition, Taiwan has shown great performance in the epidemic prevention of COVID-19, so Pin-Chun Chen looks forward to using his strength to enhance Taiwan’s international visibility.


	Pin-Chun Chen

Pin-Chun Chen