CMU Professor Wu-Chung Shen Compiled the English Version of Textbook Diagnostic Neroradiology, Published by Springer Nature

Date:November 19, 2020

Chinese Version

China Medical University (CMU) Professor Wu-Chung Shen was invited by the internationally renowned publisher Springer Nature to compile the English version of Diagnostic Neuroradiology. This textbook consists of Professor Shen’s 40 years teaching experiences, and includes more than 2,000 CT and MRI illustrations from clinical cases. It also features a wealth of concise diagnostic tips for common brain and spine diseases that serves as a valuable reference guide for clinical diagnosis. The English version of Diagnostic Neuroradiology will be published worldwide for medical education and will surely promote Taiwan’s international status in the field of neuroradiology.


Professor Shen has been working hard on teaching for the interpretation of medical imaging for 40 years. He had published many practical textbooks for medical students and resident doctors. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Professor Shen takes use of the modern technology and combines it into his teaching in very early stage. The teaching website that Professor Shen established has become a favorite learning resource for many medical students.


Professor Wu-Chung Shen shared his experience in compiling this textbook Diagnostic Neuroradiology, and said that he would like to thank the colleagues of CMU for assisting with collecting more than 200 reference, cases, computer graphics, and images. Their assistance enriched the content of this textbook and made it high quality and professional.


“In the past two years, compiling this book has brought a focus to my half-retired life. Now I still guide the clerks in image interpretation every week, and I also run a teaching website opened to medical students, doctors, as well as people who understand Chinese in the world. I will add the content of Diagnostic Neuroradiology to my website and include case descriptions, and I hope to pass on my valuable experiences to the young doctors and medical students,” said Professor Shen.


	Professor Wu-Chung Shen

Professor Wu-Chung Shen