An-Nan Hospital Superintendent Dr. Ruey-Mo Lin Received the 2020 Taiwan Medical Model Award

Date:November 13, 2020

Chinese Version

Dr. Ruey-Mo Lin has been dedicating to improve the medical quality and the management of China Medical University-Tainan Municipal An-Nan Hospital since he took over as the Superintendent. Dr. Ruey-Mo Lin was honored the “2020 Taiwan Medical Model Award” for his contribution to the medical society and the effort in leading the medical team of An-Nan Hospital.


Under the supervision of Dr. Ruey-Mo Lin, Tainan Municipal An-Nan Hospital has received the Joint Commission International Hospital Accreditation, upgraded as regional hospital, and obtained a number of excellent certificates. In 2020, An-Nan Hospital also launches the “cutting-edge medicine” to move forward to the level of a medical center.


Dr. Ruey-Mo Lin holds the patient-centered attitude and actively engages in establishing multiple medical centers, such as the Foot Wound Care center, Stroke Center, and Cardiovascular Center. Medical teams that integrates cross-field specialists are also established to provide patients with comprehensive treatment plans. In March 2020, An-Nan Hospital was the first medical institution in Tainan that establish the Cell Therapy Center. Within half year of its establishment, more than 30 physicians in An-Nan Hospital has obtained cell therapy qualification. The great achievements of An-Nan Hospital not only bring hope to patients, but also makes An-Nan Hospital a high-end hospital that cultivates medical talents and becomes an important institution in southern Taiwan that specialize in cell therapy.


	Dr. Ruey-Mo Lin (center) in the Award Ceremony

Dr. Ruey-Mo Lin (center) in the Award Ceremony