New Technology for Immune Cell Treatment: CMUH’s Theranostic Platform Technology Received the 17th National Innovation Award

Date:November 9, 2020

Chinese Version

The research “Immunomagnetic nanocapsule functionalized with sulfated polysaccharide as a theranostic platform technology to achieve precision immunotherapy” achieved by the collaborative research team of China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) and National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) received the 17th National Innovation Award.


The research team developed a magnetic fucoidan nano platform technology with immune regulation function, which can accurately deliver the immune checkpoint inhibitors to the tumor’s location, and greatly improving the treatment effect. This new research findings is also published in the world-class journal Nature Nanotechnology, confirming that it’s an international research benchmark and a major breakthrough.



	CMUH Research Team

CMUH Research Team