CMU Professor Shih-Chieh Hung Received the 16th Excellent Medicine Technology Award

Date:September 7, 2020

Chinese Version

China Medical University (CMU) Professor Shih-Chieh Hung and the research team of CMU Drug Development Center had made an outstanding performance in the research and clinical application of using mesenchymal stem cell in the treatment of degenerative arthritis and other diseases. With remarkable performance in academic and industrial applications, this research “Mesenchymal stem cell in regenerative medicine and application of cell therapy and disease translation” was honored “The 16th Excellent Medicine Technology Award” by the Tien Te Lee Biomedical Foundation.


Professor Shih-Chieh Hung’s team have published more than 20 research publications on the topic of the clinical application of mesenchymal stem cell. They have also applied for many Taiwan patents and global patents.


“We used the tumor tropism of mesenchymal stem cells to carry tumor lytic viruses to treat cancer, and used peptides to carry diagnostic reagent, hyaluronic acid, and stem cell, to assist in the diagnosis, lubrication, and regeneration of degenerative arthritis. We hope that our research can be used in clinical treatment in the new future. Once it is applied in clinical use, it can bring benefits to patients and promote the development of cell therapy industry,” said Professor Hung.



	Professor Shih-Chieh Hung

Professor Shih-Chieh Hung