The Service Team of CMU School of Pharmacy Provided Healthcare Service to Rural Residents by Cycling Around Taiwan

Date:August 4, 2020

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During the summer vacation of 2020, the Service Team of CMU School of Pharmacy carried out a two-week healthcare service to the rural areas in Taiwan by cycling. The team provided services including health education, health check, home visit, and have gained a deeper understanding of the current medical situation in rural areas. By making use of their professional knowledge in pharmacy, the students in the service team cared about the medication and the health condition of the rural residents, and the residents are grateful for their enthusiasm and compassion.


“Taiwan’s medical strength is well-recognized in the world. However, there is a huge urban-rural gap in medical resource. Therefore, we cycle around Taiwan during summer vacation to go to the rural villages, to take care of the local residents, and to introduce them the importance of medication concept. With our profession in pharmacy, we hope to make contribution to the medical care in rural villages,” said the leader of the service team.


In addition, environmental issue is also a main focus that the service team cares. Cycling is a healthy and pollution-less way of travel, and it makes the team to get closer to nature and to know Taiwan better. The Service Team hopes to pass on what they have seen, heard, and learned along the way, and make the service continue in the future.


	Students of the Service Team

Students of the Service Team