Facemasks Effectively Prevent the Spreading of Pandemic: Professor Jong-Yi Wang’s Letter Published on the Journal Science

Date:June 16, 2020

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Facing the COVID-19, different countries around the world implements different epidemic preventive measures. Taiwan’s prevention measures and public health strategies are well organized, so the effective results of the epidemic prevention was being recognized internationally. CMU Professor Jong-Yi Wang, Chairman of the Department of Health Services Administration, wrote to the top journal Science and proved to the world that Taiwan’s mask-wearing policy effectively prevented the spreading of pandemic.


Popular epidemic preventive measures in various countries include lockdowns, mass testing, and wearing facemasks. Most European countries and China adopted lockdowns, but the economic impact and the negative psychological impact on people resulted from lockdowns may be quite serious. In South Korea mass testing was implemented, however there may be concerns about excessive consumption of medical resources.


Because the prevalence of COVID-19 in Taiwan is low, so the main epidemic preventive measures in Taiwan were wearing facemasks and measuring body temperature, which were fairly easy and effective. Only those who have symptoms will be tested, and only those with positive results will go through the isolation. In February, the Central Epidemic Command Center of Taiwan issued the facemask rationing plan and expanded the facemask production line to provide sufficient facemasks to all Taiwanese people, this is an effective and feasible policy. Taiwan has proved that facemasks alone can prevent the spreading of pandemic and that lockdowns aren’t necessary.


“It is very outstanding that Professor Wang published a review letter in the high impact journal Science. His comments included social and economic feasibility, as well as the evaluation results in aspects of health and economic shock,” said Dean Bing-Fang Hwang of CMU College of Public Health.


“Now the pandemic of COVID-19 has entered the stage of vaccine development, and the epidemic prevention has become an important medical research field for the government, academic units, and research institutions. Developing vaccine through academia-industry cooperation to create social benefits is the main focus in the post-epidemic period,” said Dean Yueh-Sheng Chen of CMU College of Humanities and Sciences.



	Professor Jong-Yi Wang

Professor Jong-Yi Wang

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