CMU Epidemic Prevention Frontline: Special Report X-Beigang Campus Assist Overseas Chinese Students Went Through the Home Quarantine

Date:May 20, 2020

Chinese Version

China Medical University Beigang Campus houses freshmen students that requires to learn basic professional courses, languages, physical education, and general studies. There is a total of 650 students this semester, so the epidemic prevention in Beigang Campus is very important. The staffs in Beigang Campus took care of the freshmen students seriously, helped the overseas Chinese students went through the home quarantine period, and dealt with two suspected cases.


There are three stages of the epidemic prevention measure in Beigang Campus. First, before the semester started, many preparations and policies have been implemented to assist students go through the 14-day quarantine. Second, to ensure that the school affairs operate smoothly, the division of academic affairs, student affairs, and general affairs have been working closely with Taichung Campus. Third, Beigang Campus experienced and handled two cases of student having suspected symptoms.


The epidemic prevention measure by Beigang Campus include:

1.      Establish independent dormitory space for home quarantine students: Provide one room per student. While the other students that have concerns that the campus provided quarantine dormitory, the staffs made efforts communicate with them and their family to remove their doubts. Besides, only one gate is opened in the quarantine dormitory to ensure the access control.

2.      Assist the home quarantine students: After the students arrived Taiwan, there were staffs picked them up in the airport and transported them to the Beigang Campus. There were also staffs in the dormitory to help the students move in. During the 14-day quarantine period, the staffs provided the students with meals and drinking water, and prepare electric kettle for each students so they can cook instant foods.

3.      Care for the students: Because the living space of the home quarantine students is limited to their room only, so the staffs in Beigang Campus chat with the students through communication software every day to encourage the students and to care for their health condition.

4.      Education of the staffs: Since CMU is a medical university, it is important to prepare for the pandemic. Therefore, Beigang Campus has worked hard and educated the staffs to get prepared to face the coming situation.

5.      Resolve two crises: There were two students that had symptoms of cough and loss of taste. After reported, the dormitory administrator accompanied the students to the CMU Beigang Hospital to get the inspection, fortunately, the results were both COVID-19 negative. After the students return to the campus, they were required to do a self-health management at the dormitory.


The pandemic in Taiwan seems to be slowing down gradually, but the staffs in Beigang Campus still take the epidemic prevention work seriously every day. Through the challenges facing all kinds of different epidemic situation, the staffs in Beigang Campus all gained valuable experiences and are well-prepared for the next challenge.



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