CMU Epidemic Prevention Frontline: Special Report VIII-Office of Environmental Safety and Health Monitor the Ventilation and Traffic Flow Control

Date:May 20, 2020

Chinese Version

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, CMU Office of Environmental Safety and Health immediately began to make plans for the campus safety protection and the distribution of epidemic prevention materials. The Office of Environmental Safety and Health monitored the ventilation standards and the traffic flow line of each building, prepared all kinds of epidemic prevention materials such as masks and sanitizer, and distributed to the units that are in need.


In the early stage of the pandemic, the Office of Environmental Safety and Health established a LINE group to communicate with each offices and departments so that it is possible to monitor the travel and contact history of all CMU members even during holidays.


The Office of Environmental Safety and Health has begun to investigate the ventilation of CMU campus before the semester started. The staffs monitored the classrooms of CMU under different circumstances to ensure that all the classrooms met the government’s ventilation standard for epidemic prevention. Besides classrooms, public spaces such as the gymnasium and the sports venues also went through the same ventilation investigation process.


In March, when the students returned to the campus for their study, the Office of Environmental Safety and Health and the Office of Student Affairs worked together to come up with SOP for the campus entrance control and medical treatment process. The campus entrance control efficiently monitored the entry and exit status of each building that protected the safety of all CMU members. In addition, CMU has its own nursing staffs that provide necessary assistance, consultation, and positive supports to the CMU staffs when in need.



	Campus Access Control

Campus Access Control