CMU Epidemic Prevention Frontline: Special Report VII-Office of General Affairs: Monitoring, Disinfection, Ventilation, Contingency Management

Date:May 20, 2020

Chinese Version

Since the campus of CMU is next to the hospital, with large number of patients and crowds, the access control has become a very important focus in epidemic prevention work. By applying technological equipment to the campus access control system to ensure the campus safety, Office of General Affairs has played a great supporting role in the epidemic prevention.


Four major policies have been accomplished by Office of General Affairs:

1.      Body temperature monitoring:

During the epidemic prevention period, only two entrances are opened. An infrared thermometer is also set up to speed up the time of body temperature measurement in the campus entrances.

2.      Campus access control:

All CMU members should enter the campus with QR code or ID card verification. In addition, a Fast Pass system is implemented so those entering the campus for the 2nd time and beyond of the day can enter quickly.

3.      Campus disinfection:

Public facilities like elevators, classrooms, dormitories, restaurants, and the library are disinfected regularly every day. All entrances, meeting rooms, and shuttle buses are equipped with disinfectant alcohol for the environment disinfection.

4.      Maintain indoor ventilation:

For the spaces with poor air circulation and the basements, exhaust fans are installed for a better ventilation. Starting from April when all CMU members are required to wear a mask in the campus, air conditioners are turned on in the classrooms, with the classroom doors opened, and each window opened about 10cm wide, to ensure the students have a good study environment.



	Campus Access Control

Campus Access Control

	Infrared Therometer

Infrared Therometer