CMU Epidemic Prevention Frontline: Special Report VI-Information Center Made Efforts to Building up a Smart Campus

Date:May 20, 2020

Chinese Version

China Medical University is working hard to build an AI smart campus. Facing the pandemic of COVID-19, CMU Information Center established website for updating epidemic prevention information, and systems for health reporting, campus access control, and activity tracing.

In addition, the Information Center has purchased the Moodle Cast system to make distance learning possible for both students and teachers.


On February, the Information Center established an exclusive website to update information about epidemic prevention. The website provides the latest news from the government, including Central Epidemic Command Center, Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, and the Ministry of Education. Videos for health education, contact information for epidemic consultation, and other extended information is also provided. Moreover, related CMU administrative units can post updates to the website to efficiently announce the latest policies in respond to the epidemic situation.


Besides the epidemic prevention information website, an epidemic report system that consists of CMU students’ health declaration and contact history is also established to link with the campus access control system for the management of whether the students are allowed to enter the campus.


Since the beginning of the semester, all instructors are asked to mark the absence of the students and arrange fixed seats in class. These information are submitted to the activity tracing system so that when the activity tracing for a person is needed, the system can reveal the track of the person in the campus accurately. Activities held during this period shall go through the similar process as well. The organizer shall submit the activity record and the list of participants to the activity tracing system in case any tracing is needed in the future.


Finally, in response to the distance learning policy of the Ministry of Education, CMU uses the Moodle system as the online teaching platform. The Moodle Cast system can create video screens for synchronized teaching on the Moodle platform. When the instructors turn on the Moodle Cast system during classes, students under self-learning may watch the course online at any location. Furthermore, when the instructors turn on the video recording function, the file of the course will be recorded and saved to the platform. Students may watch the courses online at their convenience and make online learning more effective.



	Website for updating epidemic prevention news

Website for updating epidemic prevention news