CMU Epidemic Prevention Frontline: Special Report IV-Office of Global Affairs Strives to Help International Students Continue their Study

Date:May 20, 2020

Chinese Version

“Build up a friendly study environment for international students and help them complete their studies at China Medical University is our top priority,” said Dean Liang-Yo Yang, Office of Global Affairs.

The global outbreak of the COVID-19 has made 50 of CMU international students (including students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau) fail to return to Taiwan for their studies. The Office of Global Affairs cares for those students, and has implemented the following measures to help them continue their studies:


1.      Provide prevention information and measures

The Office of Global Affairs provided the latest prevention information in both Chinese and English to international students, helped them to obtain masks, provided spare masks for those in need, and assisted the students that need to seek for medical treatment. Moreover, Office of Global Affairs helped the relatives of students to apply for visa extension and help them to obtain masks.


2.      Assist with transportation from the airport to the campus, and online study for unreturned students

The Office of Global Affairs send shuttle buses to pick up the international students in the airport, to comply with the government prevention policy, for students that need to undergo home quarantine. As for the students that cannot return to Taiwan, Office of Global Affairs assisted them with the contact with their course instructors and online courses taking.


3.      Health Insurance

The Office of Global Affairs assisted the qualified students to apply for Taiwan National Health Insurance and insurance fee subsidies.


4.      Apply for Subsidies for the flight ticket rescheduling

Due to the entry ban for Mainland Chinese students, CMU compensated for the students’ fee caused by flight ticket rescheduling or cancellation.


5.      Provide Care and Guidance

The Office of Global Affairs assisted students with the application for the documents required for immigration, so that the students can continue their study without delay when they are allowed to enter Taiwan in the near future. For the 7 graduate students that planned to enroll in 2020 spring but cannot enter due to the entry ban, the Office of Global Affairs had assisted them to retain their admission and scholarship qualification.

Besides international students, there are also many Taiwanese students that are currently studying abroad for exchange programs, the Office of Global Affairs also keeps in touch with those students and care for their health and living conditions.


	International Students Help with Mask Distribution

International Students Help with Mask Distribution