CMU Epidemic Prevention Frontline: Special Report II-Office of Academic Affairs Ensure that Students Can Continue Their Learning during Epidemic Prevention Period

Date:May 20, 2020

Chinese Version

Because of the impact of COVID-19, CMU Office of Academic Affairs made efforts in applying AI technology to build up online course teaching mode, and launching flexible study measures. These measures encouraged the popularity of online teaching and learning, and helped ensure the instructors’ teaching quality and students’ learning effects.


Since the beginning of the semester, the Office of Academic Affairs has made a lot of measures to avoid cluster spreading. The measures include postponing the starting date of the semester by two weeks, adjusting the school calendar and exam schedule, and setting up a flexible teaching week to reduce the impact of the late starting date of the semester. To help CMU faculty with online teaching, two weeks before the semester started, the Office of Academic Affairs worked together with each departments to take video of each courses and upload them to the moodle system for students to study online beforehand.


Moreover, to ensure the learning rights of the foreign students that cannot return to the university due to epidemic prevention reasons, the Office of Academic Affairs launched flexible study measures to provide assistance to those students. Affairs including registration, course selection, epidemic leave, performance assessment, suspension and resumption of schooling, were all properly arranged with supporting measures to help the students continue their study at CMU.


Since this March, CMU began to implement flexible online courses. That is, the instructor still give lessons at the classroom, however the students can decide whether they want to take the course on-campus or online. To monitor the learning status of students’ in each courses, the instructors will record the absence of students taking courses by both ways.


For the online courses, CMU provided a variety of software for making videos (including video-taking equipments and EverCam) and for distance learning (including Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Moodle Cast system). In addition, the Office of Academic Affairs provided the instructors with a handbook for doing online course materials and how to use the software, which helped the instructors to quickly get familiar with the operation of online courses in a short time.



	Workshop for Online Teaching for CMU Faculty 

Workshop for Online Teaching for CMU Faculty