CMU Alumni Dr. Chunhsin Lee Invented a Unique Patent-Certified “Chinese Medicine Mask”

Date:February 14, 2020

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With the spreading of the COVID-19, mask has become a popular product that people rush to purchase. Dr. Chunhsin Lee, an alumni of China Medical University (CMU) and a Chinese medicine expert, has devoted himself to inventing a “Chinese medicine mask” that has an innovative way to block infectious diseases and provide medicine to the wearer. This invention has obtained three technical patents and its innovative design has made it stands out in the market.


Back in 2014, Dr. Lee has published the research about the “application of Chinese medicine masks in the prevention and control of airborne diseases” in the “Seminar on the Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Airborne Diseases Containment” in Beijing. Through the combination of academic research and clinical experience, Dr. Lee invented a mask that can prevent airborne diseases and provide a new way of taking medicine, that is, the wearer can take the medicine by inhaling.


The mask has received 3 patents:

  1. Penetration rate: Most medical masks consist of three layers that can only block PM3 particles and 80% of the viruses, and the N95 masks can block 97.9%. The innovative “Chinese medicine mask” consists of four layers. The one extra layer is an opening layer that can place herbal sachets or tea/coffee/scented bags to provide an innovative way of therapy.
  2. Fitness for the face: The common medical mask cannot be completely sealed on the left and right side of the face, which is likely to cause the inhalation of 50% of the PM2.5 particles. The “Chinese medicine mask” adds protective layers on the left and right sides of the mask to make it fit the wearer’s face, which makes the mask more effective in preventing viruses and PM2.5 particles.
  3. Tightness: Human face is not completely flat, so the common ear-hook type masks is not tight enough to fit the face. The “Chinese medicine mask” is attached with a cardboard that can switch the mask from ear-hooked to head-suspended, this enhances the tightness of the mask and makes it less air resistance.


“There are various kinds of masks with different materials, and their quality and penetration rate are all different. It is very important to carefully choose a mask with medical equipment license that have good prevention effect.” said Dr. Chunhsin Lee.



	Dr. Chunhsin Lee

Dr. Chunhsin Lee

	"Chinese Medicine Mask" invented by Dr. Lee

"Chinese Medicine Mask" invented by Dr. Lee