“Lead Cutting-Edge Care, Master Future Health” China Medical University and Healthcare System in the 2019 Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo

Date:December 5, 2019

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The 2019 Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo was held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from December 5-8, 2019. China Medical University and Healthcare System (CMUH) participated in the expo with the theme “Lead Cutting-Edge Care, Master Future Health”. CMUH showed the strength of Taiwan’s cutting-edge medicine, AI technology, and the achievement of promoting healthcare industry and economic development, improving the welfare of patients, and creating a better future.


The Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo is an exhibition that recruits hospitals as the primary exhibition venders. This year, the expo focused on three main themes: “Smart and efficient healthcare”, “New horizon of cancer treatment”, and “New generation of gene technology”. The Institute for Biotechnology and Medical Industry (IBMI) invited innovative technology teams and famous pharmaceutical companies from 17 countries, and 50 hospitals and technology companies in Taiwan to participate in the expo.


China Medical University (CMU) is the first university in Taiwan that integrates Chinese and western medicine. Under the leading of Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai, CMU continues to develop new technologies in the field of biotechnology. CMU pays great attention to both teaching and research, and trains its students to “engage in innovative research and pursue the excellence” to improve the quality of medical service in Taiwan. The university’s goal is to becoming a research-oriented university that values teaching and service quality.


President Mien-Chie Hung emphasized that CMU has made a lot of efforts in research. We have established research centers for tumor, immunology, stem cell, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, brain diseases, and aging. CMU has been actively recruiting outstanding doctors and research teams, and has been cooperating with prestigious medical centers and research institutions to develop advanced medical care.


CMU is now building the “CMU SN Biotechnology Research Park”. Frank Gehry, the master of Pritzker Architecture Prize, was invited to design the Medical Innovation Building, and the Pritzker prizewinner RCR Arquitectes was invited to design the stadium. In addition, sculptures accomplished by international masters will be placed in the campus. The CMU SN Biotechnology Research Park will become a highlight of Taiwan’s AI University and a brand new landmark.


Five research teams and spin-off companies of CMUH received the 2019 National Innovation Award, which outnumbered the other exhibitors. The five awards are: 1) HLA-G CAR Immune Cell Therapy, 2) The Smart Health Technology Category, 3) Innovative Cell Blocks for 3D Artificial Dermis Development, 4) Precision Serological Diagnosis kit for Rheumatoid Arthritis, and 5) Dental Intra-Oral Computed Tomosynthesis System.


Highlights of CMUH in the “2019 Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo” include:

  1. Cell Therapy Center: The first and only medical center to provide DC therapy for all stages of 8 major cancers in Taiwan
  2. Center for Precision Medicine: Gene decryption- scientific divination
  3. Ever Young BioDimension: Joint venture of CMU-AURARO, new startup for upgraded value
  4. EverFortune.AI: Integrates smart medicine and technology
  5. Ever Supreme Bio Technology: The first-approved biotech company to launch dendritic-cell therapy for treating all stages of cancers in Taiwan



The world is facing the challenge of artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, CMUH actively establishes an AI Smart University & Hospital by developing AI, big data, 3D printing, minimally-invasive medical devices, AI-assistive devices, new drug development, cutting-edge medicine, etc. At the same time, CMUH assists spin-off companies in developing medical devices to promote healthcare industry and economic development.


“Since 2016, CMUH has been promoting AI medicine. In the meanwhile, CMUH has applied AI to assist diagnosis in more than 40 out-patient clinics to provide more precise and effective treatment, including bone age readings, precision medicine, and image interpretation. Our Center of Augmented Intelligence in Healthcare focuses on the development of drug research and preventive medicine. Furthermore, it cooperates with Microsoft to accelerate the development of drug research, identification and analysis of clinical trial documents, and building a smart hospital. Applying AI to medical treatment is highly appreciated by our patients.” said Superintendent Der-Yang Cho.


CMUH is the fastest growing medical center in Taiwan. To promote people’s health, we work hard in developing AI medical care and high-tech biomedical industry. “China Medical University Hospital not only wants to become ‘the pride of Taiwan’, but also strives to become an outstanding brand in the world.”


	Chairman Tsai, President Hung, Superinterdent Cho, and other Director of CMUH

Chairman Tsai, President Hung, Superinterdent Cho, and other Director of CMUH

	The Booth of CMUH

The Booth of CMUH