Innovative Development for Artificial Dermis: CMU’s Spin-off Company “EVER FORTUNE.AI” Received the 16th National Innovation Award

Date:October 18, 2019

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The application of 3D printing medical technology has become a world trend. The “3D Printing Medical Center” of China Asia Associated University obtained patents for their innovative development of “artificial dermis” medical technology, which greatly improves the medical quality for diabetes and burns/scalds patients. The team’s effort was recognized by the panel of judges and they were honored the 16th National Innovation Award.


The innovative project done by the 3D Printing Medical Center of China Asia Associated University was “innovative cell blocks for 3D artificial dermis development”. The center manufactures a new kind of artificial dermis with 3D cell blocks combining with a 3D collagen base. This artificial dermis possesses the physical properties of natural skin, good biocompatibility, and the cell block can secrete extracellular matrix and growth factor to provide a growth environment for skin tissue repair and to accelerate the reconstruction of skin tissue.


In this interdisciplinary developing process, the center integrated the experiences of clinicians and the strength of its basic research. The center also owns a number of top-notch patents and exclusively develops a manufacturing methods for 3D collagen substrate. In addition, a patent application for efficiently expanding and preparing 3D cell blocks of same size with different configurations has been filed.


The 3D Printing Medical Center of China Asia Associated University possesses a variety of different 3D printing equipment. The center not only develops medical devices that can be produced through 3D printing, but also customizes implants and does research on regenerative medicine. Around 600 clinical cases has been done by the center, and the materials it provided comply better with patients’ need than the current medical equipment.


Besides developing cutting-edge medical devices, the center also conducts research on medical imaging and regenerative medicine. The 3D Printing Medical Center hopes to uplift Taiwan’s top-notch medical industry to a higher level, at the same time promote Taiwan’s medical technology to the world.



	Professors of the 3D Printing Medical Center

Professors of the 3D Printing Medical Center