Superintendent Der-Yang Cho of CMUH Received the 16th National Innovation Award for His Contribution to New Drug Development for Cell Therapy

Date:October 17, 2019

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Dr. Der-Yang Cho, the Superintendent of China Medical University Hospital (CMUH), is a pioneer in brain tumor research. Superintendent Cho was being honored the 16th National Innovation Award by leading the CMUH Cell Therapy Center for the breakthrough finding “Multiple carcinoma targetable CAR for immune cell therapy”.


The team discovered that the immune checkpoint protein HLA-G can be used for targeting multiple solid tumors. In addition, the chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) immune cells designed with this protein also demonstrated the ability to kill solid tumors. The team has filed patent applications in US, EU, Japan and other countries, at the same time the development of new drugs for cell therapy has been carried out. This brings hope to cancer patients and creates business and employment opportunity to Taiwan’s biotechnology industry.


Superintendent Cho introduced, “The chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) immune therapy is currently one of the most popular cell-based drug under development. The challenge that our team faced was how to find an effective and highly specified tumor target therapy. Through screening and analyzing large amount of clinical tissue samples, we finally found an immune checkpoint protein HLA-G that has high expression in various solid tumors and has the function of inhibiting immune cell activity.”


CMUH has been dedicating to cell therapy and stem cell research for more than 10 years. A GTP core cell operation room that conforms to the regulation of Cell Therapy Clinical Trial Practice was established, and CMUH has trained 165 qualified professional clinical doctors with the cell treatment qualification. After passing the examination from the Ministry of Health and Welfare this May, CMUH has become one of the first institutions in Taiwan qualified for dendritic cell therapy and to receive and treat stage 4 patients with from eight types of cancers. CMUH is constantly pursuing breakthroughs and bringing greater benefits to patients.



	Superintendent Der-Yang Cho and Research Team in Cell Therapy Center

Superintendent Der-Yang Cho and Research Team in Cell Therapy Center