Pioneering in Cell Therapy: China Medical University Hospital Launch the “Cell Therapy Center”

Date:June 18, 2019

Chinese Version

The Cell Therapy Center of China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) was launched on June 18th. The Cell Therapy Center is accepting stage 4 patients with from eight types of cancers including brain tumors. Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai emphasized that CMUH has been engaged to the cutting-edge cell therapy and stem cell medical research for more than 10 years. CMUH is constantly pursuing research innovation and breakthroughs. With the approval of special regulation for cell therapy from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, cell therapy is proved to be effective and this brings great news to patients.


“During the 10 years that CMUH dedicated to cell therapy research, we have established GTP core cell operation room that conforms to the regulation of Cell Therapy Clinical Trial Practice. CMUH also trained 165 qualified professional clinical doctors with the cell treatment qualification. On May 15th, CMUH is one of the first institutions to pass the examination from the Ministry of Health and Welfare that can receive and treat patients”, said Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai.


In addition, the stem cell team lead by Vice-Superintendent Woei-Cheang Shyu has reached the international standard. Stem cells can be used to treat brain stroke and arthritis, and in the future the technology of cytokine-induced killer (CIK) cells treating solid tumor will be developed. The   types of cancers that can be treated in the Cell Therapy Center will be further expanded, and more patients will be benefited.


Dr. Long-Bin Jeng, the Executive Director of the Cell Therapy Center, said in his remarks, “Due to the limited medical options for cancers, the whole world is working hard to develop new treatments for cancers. The Ministry of Health and Welfare now officially approved the treatment for cancer immune cells, this surely brings hope for patients with severe symptoms.”


In recent years, the healthcare quality of CMUH has been progressing rapidly. CMUH cultivates talents in the fields of intensive medical care and medical education, and actively engaged in the development of the newest medical technology, such as minimally invasive materials, future medical care of artificial intelligence (AI), and 3D printing medical devices. The launching of the Cell Therapy Center brings CMUH to a new era of cell treatment. In the future, CMUH Cell Therapy Center will bridge the clinical demand with industrial development, combine the upstream, midstream, and downstream medical markets and technology, and furthermore promote Taiwan’s cutting-edge medical treatment to the world.


	The Launch Ceremony

The Launch Ceremony

	Cell Therapy Center

Cell Therapy Center