CMU Assistant Professor Peter Karl Mayer Acquired Taiwan (ROC) Naturalization

Date:May 20, 2019

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“I love Taiwan, and I’m very happy to become a Taiwanese.” Dr. Peter Karl Mayer, assistant professor of CMU School of Chinese Medicine, acquired Taiwan citizenship without renouncing his original German nationality. On May 20th, CMU President Mien-Chie Hung invited Dr. Mayer for a tea talk to congratulate and welcome Dr. Mayer for joining the faculty team at China Medical University. President Hung said the naturalization of Dr. Mayer symbolized CMU’s hard work on internationalization. CMU not only provides opportunities for students and teachers to go abroad, but also recruits overseas talents to bring contribution to Taiwan’s medical education. “Now I feel relieved working and living in Taiwan as a citizen. We are all family”, said Dr. Mayer.


Dr. Mayer recalled that his interest in Chinese culture rooted when he was 12 years old and met a Singaporean martial artist at his hometown in Germany. When studying in Giessen University, Dr. Mater was aspired by the profundity of Chinese acupuncture. Therefore, with the funding from German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Dr. Mayer came to Kaohsiung, Taiwan to study Chinese. Afterwards, Dr. Mayer went to Shanghai, China to study acupuncture. However, with his western medicine background, he found that there was a gap between western medicine and the modernization of Chinese medicine in China. Dr. Mayer realized that Taiwan is the place that inherited the traditional essence of Chinese medicine, therefore, he forwent his study in Shanghai.


Twelve years ago, with passion in Chinese acupuncture, Dr. Mayer came to Taiwan once again to fulfill his dream. Dr. Mayer obtained his master degree from CMU Graduate Institute of Chinese Medicine, and furthermore obtained the Chinese Medicine degree from the School of Post-baccalaureate Chinese Medicine. With relentless efforts, Dr. Mayer finally obtained the Chinese medicine practitioner license after completing his study. Now he serves as a training doctor at China Medical University Hospital.


While studying at CMU, Dr. Mayer was appointed as a project assistant professor to teach Chinese medicine and regimen courses. Dr. Mayer said that he is very grateful of CMU for giving him this position. Originally, Dr. Mayer planned to go back to Germany after completing his study, but eventually he fell in love with the life in Taiwan and decided to stay. Dr. Mayer lives with his wife and children in Taiwan now, his children were even born in Taiwan.


Dr. Mayer is one of the 10 overseas experts that acquired Taiwan citizenship on May, 2019, without having to renounce their original nationality. “This is a great progress. Now our basic needs for living in Taiwan is assured, we can focus on our professions and make contribution to Taiwan’s society” said Dr. Mayer.


	Dr. Mayer and President Hung

Dr. Mayer and President Hung

	Dr. Peter Karl Mayer

Dr. Peter Karl Mayer