China Medical University Ranked the 3rd in Taiwan, 1st among Taiwan Private Universities in “Times Higher Education (THE) Asia University Rankings 2019”

Date:May 2, 2019

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The Times Higher Education (THE) announced the Asia University Rankings 2019. China Medical University ranked the 60th, advanced 12 places compared to 2018. Among Taiwan’s Universities, CMU ranked the 3rd and is the 1st place in private universities. CMU’s outstanding performance is highly recognized internationally.


The Times Higher Education magazine based in UK is one of the world’s most influential higher education ranking indicator. The Asia University Rankings 2019 adopted the same 13 indicators as the World University Ranking but were re-examined to reflect the attributes of Asian institutions. Various aspects are considered, such as university’s teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international perspectives, to provide the most comprehensive and fair ranking.


The goal of CMU is to become a distinguished world-class university. President Mien-Chie Hung of CMU expressed his gratitude for the improvement of CMU’s ranking and thanked the faculties and students for their efforts and dedication to CMU. “With the support from the Board of Trustees, CMU has invested funding of three billion dollars to recruit domestic and overseas talents. Moreover, CMU will continue to put into more teaching resources so that teachers and students have the opportunity to access the most updated medical knowledge and research methods, to connect with the world, to enhance research depth, and to bring Taiwan’s biomedical research to a higher level”, said Chancellor Hung.


“Upgrade the implementation of the higher education sprout project, improve domestic and international visibilities, and integrate the university resources to uplift the research quality are the features and advantages of CMU”, said Vice president Fuu-Jen Tsai.


In recently years, CMU has made great achievements in the field of Chinese and Western medicine and biotechnology. Besides, the number and quality of SCI and SSCI research papers published by CMU has increased rapidly. For a private university that received less government funding than public universities, CMU totally deserve praise for its performance.


	THE Asia University Rankings 2019

THE Asia University Rankings 2019