“Decorate Your Life”: The 14th Graduation Exhibition of CMU Department of Cosmeceutics

Date:April 29, 2019

Chinese Version

The 14th Graduation Exhibition of Department of Cosmeceutics took place from April 29th – May 3rd, 2019. The graduates apply their study to the development and design of various cosmetics, including products for cleaning, skin care, make-up, shading, fragrance, etc. CMU Chancellor Mien-Chie Hung said with joy, “These products are ‘limited editions’. I hope that faculties and students from Department of Cosmeceutics can link what they’ve learned to the industry market, establish their own brands and demonstrate the value of the products in the market.”


“Students from the Department of Cosmeceutics set up a good example for putting their study into the developing of products. They present their research results in the exhibition that impressed the visitors and left a good memory to themselves”, said Chancellor Hung in the opening ceremony. Chancellor Hung encouraged the students to enter the industry by being creative in pragmatic ways, to establish personal brand to let marketing channels see China Medical University’s excellence in teaching and research.


“CMU Department of Cosmeceutics aims to train students to become cosmetic professionals engaged in research and development, manufacture, marketing, management, quality assurance, and safety evaluation. CMU also combines pharmaceutical technology and Chinese medicine to enhance students’ research interests and ability to develop new products. To cultivate cosmetic professionals, CMU continued to devote time and effort in cosmeceutics field and to enhance students’ competitiveness in the cosmetic industry”, said Dean Jing-Gung Chung of College of Biopharmaceutical and Food Sciences.


Professor Hsiu-Mei Chiang, Chairman of Department of Cosmeceutics, said that the graduation exhibition is the most important event in the department. Graduates apply their four-year-study into practice and create their own cosmetic products. From material selection, formula proofing, product testing, packaging design, to marketing and promotion, students utilized their knowledges from their studies and arrange every detail themselves.


“Decorate Your Life” is the theme of this year’s graduation exhibition. “Our theme conveys the idea of promise and vow. We want to express our determination to put ourselves in the place for the users when we make cosmetics”, said the manager of the exhibition Shu-Ping Wu.


	Students and Faculties in the Open Ceremony

Students and Faculties in the Open Ceremony

	Chancellor Hung in the Exhibition

Chancellor Hung in the Exhibition