Medical Service Teams of CMU Sent to Disaster-Affected Areas

Date: September 17, 2009

Project Manager, Office of Industry-Academy Cooperation, Song-Shan Wu
Translator, Assistant, Secretariat, Tzu-Yu, Jasmine, Liu
Editor, Assistant Professor,
Graduate Institute of Cancer Biology,
Center for Molecular Medicine,
China Medical University & Hospital,
Prof. Shian-Ying Sung


China Medical University formed a medical service team for the Flood Disaster of Typhoon Morakot on August 14th . This team, including students and faculties from CMU & Hospital, is the third teams entering the disaster-affected areas by CMU. They will provide medical services as well as counseling for the victims.

Typhoon Morakot battered Central and Southern Taiwan and destroyed dozens of villages. The devastating of Morakot insulted families in both physically and psychologically. To rescue and confer the victims, emergency medical services (EMS) have been proceeding. In response to the current medical operations, CMU President Huang has organized faculties and students to provide medical services for victims on August 12th . Two teams involved 11 doctors, 13 special nurses, 19 nurses, and 40 medical students have entered the disaster areas under the guidance of Kaohsiung County Government and Medical Emergency Operations Center over the last few days. One of the teams arrived Dongpu, Xinyi Township in Nantou County, engaged in medical services and hygiene cares; the second team arrived the remote mountain regions by helicopter for the first-line emergency rescue services and transportation.

The third group of 31 EMS workers left for Liugui Township in Kaohsiung County on August 14th for the prevention of infectious disease, health check, counseling supports, and related medical services. CMU Vice President, Dr. Trong-Neng Wu, Dean of College of Medicine, Dr. Wu-Chung Shen, and Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Cheng-Wen Lin attend the proceeding ceremony to encourage them. They also asked safety as top priority for the team during the services for the victims as well as emotively support, as the victims were our family.

"Because transport networks are blocked, victims can not get proper medication locally for the moment," said Cheng-Wen Lin, Dean of Student Affairs. "Thus, CMU medical service teams will continually service these areas."

"The rehabilitate from this catastrophe is a long way," said President Huang. "Though relief and donation efforts have been proceeding, it is still in urgent need of resources and support." In action, President Huang took the initiative to contribute NT$100,000 to the rescue work. Besides the substantial supports, President Huang emphasized the importance of concern for victims' minds to help them overcome the difficulties.

CMU and Hospital have devoted a large amount of funds for costly medical supplies. Other institutions such as Kaoshiung City Medical Association, and the Union of Pharmacist Association also joined in the operations by providing funds, and medical supplies. Your financial support greatly helps an irreplaceable lifeline in the chaos. Please contact our Divison of Student Affairs. The Telephone is 886-4-22052983.

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Medical Service Teams of CMU help clean up the house
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