CMU Professor Tin-Yun Ho Honored the “Outstanding Research Award” by his Dedication to the Modern Research of Chinese Medicine

Date:April 19, 2019

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Chinese medicine is a treasure from the ancients. CMU Professor Tin-Yun Ho from the Department of Chinese Medicine successful analyzed a large amount of data entity from Chinese medicine research and applied to the development of biotechnology and pharmaceutical products. The incorporation is a breakthrough in the modern research of Chinese Medicine and it has made valuable contributions to the biotechnology industry. Therefore, Professor Tin-Yun Ho was honored the “Outstanding Research Award” by the Ministry of Science and Technology.


Professor Ho has long been committed to promoting the modernization of research in traditional Chinese medicine in modern research. He cooperated with CMU researchers and biotechnology company to construct high-value development of Taiwan’s niche plants, and furthermore applied to the development of related biotechnology and pharmaceutical products to expand the value of Chinese medicine in biotechnology industry.


In addition, Professor Ho’s research team established a world famous Chinese medicine research platform by integrating the experiences in Chinese medicine and modern research tools. They have published a number of scientific papers that were cited more than 100 times. Their report using the in vivo imaging techniques in Chinese medicine research published on the journal “Biomaterials” was selected as the annual report. The team has created a new model in Chinese medicine in vivo research.


The research platform also discovered that the cucurbitaceae herbal plants contain peptides that can potentially reduce blood sugar and had been doing further research on the active fragments, hoping that in the future this discovery will make contribution to the treatment of diabetes.


Being honored the Outstanding Research Award, Professor Ho humbly thanked the support from the university, doctors, colleagues, his research team, and his wife Professor Chien-Yun Hsiang. With the help and efforts from research partners, Professor Ho combines the modern research techniques and the clinical thinking of traditional Chinese medicine, and cooperates with biotechnology manufacturer to maximize the value of Chinese medicine in the biotechnology field.


	Professor Ho's Research Team

Professor Ho's Research Team