Launching the First NVIDIA DGX-2, CMUH Leads Taiwan’s Medical Service into a New Generation

Date:October 31, 2018

Chinese Version

China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) has launched the most powerful AI system NVIDIA DGX-2, which is Asia’s first super computer. The launch ceremony of DGX-2 was held on October 31st in the office of Ever Fortune.AI located in CMUH. “With the assistance of the GPU application, clinical doctors and researchers are able to provide more efficient diagnosis, and thus improve the efficiency and the accuracy of medical decision-making. This advance brings Taiwan’s medical technology into a new generation, and will surely make improvement on people’s health condition” said CMU vice-president Fuu-Jen Tsai in the ceremony.

Doctor Fuu-Jen Tsai, CMU vice-president and an expert in genetics and metabolism, said, “AI possesses great potential in Taiwan’s medical field. Taiwan’s health insurance system and the electronic medical record of over 20 years can provide a large amount of data and images for big data analysis. This has laid the foundation for smart healthcare. Through the advanced computing ability of DGX-2, researchers can handle enormous data and complex AI models at unprecedented fast speed. Since the medical work is complicated and highly variable, this slows down the speed of introducing AI into the medical world. However, the assistance provided by Ever Fortune.AI enables AI technology to help with inefficient or cumbersome medical diagnose procedures, minimize human negligence, and provide comprehensive care for patients. ”

Professor Tzung-Chi Huang, the chairman of CMUH AI Center for Medical Diagnosis and an engineer in NVIDIA Silicon Valley, said, “The NVIDIA DGX-2 is the world’s first AI system that comes with 2petaFLOPS, carries 16 advanced NVIDIA Tesla V100 Tensor core GPU and revolutionary AI interconnect technology NVSwitch. EverFortune.AI, the NVIDIA Professional Services Partner, provides CMHU the DGX-2 AI system. It standardize the required data for AI training by establishing an image labelling and data collection system. A variety of medical AI-assisted application has established, connected to 16 hospitals of the CMUH system, and been incorporated with deep learning technology for the diagnosis of diseases. CMUH hopes to make contribution to Taiwan’s healthcare and lead Taiwan to the era of smart healthcare.”

Eunice Chiu, the Vice President and the Taiwan area General Manager of NVIDIA, said, “Constant innovation is essential for healthcare improvements, and NVIDIA DGX-2 is the world's most powerful AI system that can meet the coming smart healthcare challenges. Through the medical services of the new generation by CMUH and Ever Fortune.AI, AI can be applied to clinical procedures, which will bring far-reaching impact on clinical doctors and patients in Taiwan and the world.”

Finally, Doctor Fuu-Jen Tsai an Doctor Yao-Chung Wu explains the application of DGX-2 on bone age analysis and breast cancer identification. These application deeply impressed the guests in the ceremony.


Vice-president Fuu-Jen Tsai in the Launch Ceremony

Vice-president Fuu-Jen Tsai in the Launch Ceremony

(from the left) Manager Eunice Chiu, Vice-president Fuu-Jen Tsai, Doctor Yao-Chung Wu, and Professor Tzung-Chi Huang

(from the left) Manager Eunice Chiu, Vice-president Fuu-Jen Tsai, Doctor Yao-Chung Wu, and Professor Tzung-Chi Huang