2018 CMU Northern Thailand International Volunteer and Service Learning Team

Date: October 3, 2018

The “Northern Thailand International Volunteer and Service Learning Team” of CMU went to Chiang Rai province, Thailand for a 14-day service during this summer. The team provided service to the locals, such as health care service and Chinese language teaching. On October 3, the team shared their experiences to other CMU students.

In the experience sharing, the volunteers talked about the local life in Chiang Rai, the difficulties they faced and their solution, and how they broadened their horizon after the 14 days service. The volunteers also announced the five-year plan for the future, including four main goals: to establish self-supporting health care system, to establish health management system, to implement health education concept, and to organize health education and cultural exchange program.

The core value of the volunteer team is to understand the local need through their daily life and help with sustainable development. “What we really want to do is not to change the local life, but to empathize and understand them. It is when we put away our preconceived ideas that we feel contentment of mind”, said the team leader.

Over 100 students participated in the sharing session. Professor and the Dean of Office of Student Affair, Feng-Yao Tang, also attended to encourage the students. The team hopes to influence other CMU students and recruit more volunteers to join them in the future.