CMU’s 60th Anniversary- Liberal Arts Special Lecture

Date: June 6, 2018

On June 6th, CMU Invited Professor Caroline McMillen to give a special lecture on the topic of “Navigating the Labyrinth: Women and Leadership”.

Professor Caroline McMillen joined the University of Newcastle as Vice-Chancellor and President in October 2011. She has dedicated almost 30 years to the higher education sector, holding leadership roles across research, innovation and teaching. As a biomedical researcher, Professor McMillen is internationally recognized for her work into the impact of the nutritional environment before birth on the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and obesity in adult life.

Vice Chancellor’s research group has been funded continuously for two decades by both the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council. She has published more than 200 publications and been invited to present at more than 70 international and national meetings. Professor McMillen is also currently the Chair of the Endocrinology, Reproduction and Development Commission of the International Union of Physiological Societies - the only Australian Chair on this international body. Over her career, Professor McMillen has trained more than 50 Honors and Ph.D. students who have gone on to win national honors and fellowships and made significant contributions in diverse careers, including research, industry, medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and education.

Professor Caroline McMillen threw a speech on “Navigating the Labyrinth: Women and Leadership” on June 6th. During the speech, she elaborated on her own experience of becoming and being a female leader and encouraged teachers and students joining the lecture to aim high and to follow their own heart. She also mentioned that different roads will lead to the same destination, and the key is to stick to your own choice and never regret.



Professor Caroline McMillen
Group Photo