2017 CMU Model Professor and Excellent Professor Award

Date: January 10, 2018

On January 10th, three professors, three associate professors and two assistant professors were honored the CMU 2017 Model Professor and Excellent Professor Award.

The awarded members are showed below:                                               

Model Professor:

1. Institute of New Drug Development, Lecturing Professor- Wu, Kou-Juey

*Teaching: Professor Wu was awarded the 2017 Ministry of Education Academic Award.
*Student Guidance: Professor Wu spares no effort on teaching and promoting his students. His students have outstanding performance on extramural evaluation.
*Research: In 2014, Professor Wu found out that twist1 induces endothelial differentiation of tumor cells through the Jagged1-KLF4 axis. In 2016, He discovered that HAUSP (USP7) deubiquitinase interacts with and deubiquitinates HIF-1a to increase its stability and functions. Professor Wu was also awarded the Excellent Research Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

* Title: Center Director of Research Center for Tumor Medical Science/Member of the Academic Ethics Committee

2. Department of Health Services Administration, Professor Tsai, Wen-Chen
* Teaching: Professor Tsai was awarded the Excellent Teacher of Taichung city. He was also honored the CMU Excellent Teaching Award twice.

*Student Guidance: Professor Tsai puts his efforts on assisting economically disadvantaged students and foreign students. He also financially supports students to establish English learning club.

*Research: Professor Tsai has been awarded the Talented Award, Excellent Research Award in three consecutive years.

*Title: Professor Tsai was the Dean of College of Public Health. Currently he dedicates himself to his research and CMU administration affairs.
Excellent Professor:

1. Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science, Professor Yao, Chun-Hsu

* Teaching: Professor Yao is in charge of many professional courses. He also dedicates himself to using digital teaching materials.

*Student Guidance: The passing rate of Professor Yao’s student on national exam is 89.9~95%. The graduates’ have great performance after they finished their studies.

* Research: Professor Yao has published 55 SCI papers and owned 23 research projects in the past five years

*Title: Vice Director of HIWIN-CMU research center/Dean of the Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation

2. School of Nursing, Professor Tzeng, Ya-Ling
*Teaching: Professor Tzeng puts efforts on creative teaching and has led her student win the College Student Creative Research Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology in two consecutive years.

* Student Guidance: Professor Tzeng focuses on combining professional courses, part-time job and clinical service learning in order to help her students enter the workforce. She is also awarded the Excellent Homeroom Teacher of CMU.

*Research: Professor Tzeng’s research focuses on gender in nursing education and Chinese Medicine in Nursing.

*Title: Vice Dean of College of Health Care/Chairman of School of Nursing.

Professor Tzeng has led the School of Nursing to be ranked 37th in the 2017 World University Rankings in the subject of Nursing when she was serving as the Chairman of School of Nursing 

3. College of Medicine, Professor Tsai,Chon-Haw

*Teaching: Professor Tsai was rewarded the CMU Golden Apple Prize and Clinical Education Award.

*Student Guidance: Professor Tsai assists the resident doctors to finish their clinical trainings.

* Research: He has published nearly one hundred papers regarding of Parkinsonism and movement disorders.

*Title: Vice Dean of the School of Medicine
Excellent Associate Professor:

1. Department of Nursing, Associate Professor Lee, Kwo-Chen

The research expertise of Associate Professor Lee is oncology nursing, end of life care and family caregiver support.
2. School of Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine, Associate Professor Chang, Tung-Ti

Associate Professor Chang was the Chairman of Master's Program for Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Program. He specializes in Chinese medicine, child cancer and Typhoid Fever.
3. School of Chinese Medicine, Associate Professor Yen, Hung-Rong
The research interest of Associate Professor Yen involves the comprehensive understanding of the immune system and how immune regulation by Chinese medicine contributes to the treatment of human diseases.

Excellent Assistant Professor:

1. Department of Anatomy, Assistant Professor Chang, Chi-Fen

Assistant Professor Chang’s research focuses on the mechanism of natural medicine and compound against inflammation.
2. Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science Assistant Professor Peng, Shin-Lei

The expertise of Assistant Professor Peng is Magnetic resonance imaging. She serves as the executive secretary of the CMU Radiation Protection Committee.



2017 CMU Model Professor and Excellent Professor Award