One of the Top Universities- 2017 Ranking of Greater China Universities

Date:November 24, 2017

Chinese Version

Shanghai Ranking Consultancy has released the ranking of Greater China Universities 2017. Among 100 Doctorate-granting Universities, China Medical Universities is ranked in place 17th, being the 4th among Taiwanese universities and first among Taiwanese private universities.

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) has been presenting the world top 500 universities annually since 2003. It claims to be the precursor of global university rankings and “the most trustworthy” league table. It adopts six ‘objective indicators’ to rank world universities with different weightings.

In recent years, the academic performance of China Medical University has triumphed in the global education field. Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai expressed his gratitude towards President Wen-Hwa Lee for leading our academic research team and scaled new heights in our academic performance.

Chairman Tsai expressed that, being internationally renowned is the milestone China Medical University continuously strive to achieve. Therefore, the school board has planned a 10- years- 500- million- plan to cultivate more internationally competitive students.

President Wen-Hwa Lee expressed that, the substantial elements in a world-class university involve both remarkable academic performance and outstanding distinguishing features of a university.

China Medical University possesses the advantage of outstanding academic professionals, exceptional academic resources, and distinguishing academic features, determined to develop into world prestigious university. 


	CMU Hosted The 13th QS-APPLE Conference

CMU Hosted The 13th QS-APPLE Conference