College of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy was established in 1958 when the university (formerly as China Medical College) was founded. Unlike most of the other pharmacy program in Taiwan, our pharmacy program takes 5 year to graduate, which is one year more than the other schools. The students take extra courses in Chinese herbs related courses, such as Herbalogy, Pharmaceutical Botany, Phyto- chemistry, Processing of Chinese Herbs, Prescription of Chinese Herbs, Pharmacology of Chinese Herbs, etc. Our graduates are allowed to practice both western drugs and traditional herbal drugs and preparations.

China Medical College was renamed to be China Medical University in 2003, at the same time College of Pharmacy was established. These diversified but concentric pharmacy-related programs are aiming to educate more professional specialists to fortify the drug development, drug safety and clinical pharmacy practice. With closely cooperation among these programs, we surely believe that College of Pharmacy at CMU can make a great contribution for health care and provision of pharmacy professionalism in our country.


College of Pharmacy
College/Department Phone number Location E-mail
College of Pharmacy 04-22053366#5001 Huchu hall 10F
School of Pharmacy 04-22053366#5101/5501 Huchu hall 10F
Ph.D. Program for Biotech Pharmaceutical Industry 04-22053366#5601 Huchu hall 10F
Tsuzuki Institute for Traditional Medicine 04-22053366#5705 Huchu hall 11F