College of Public Health

Goal of education

The goal of education of College of Public Health is to teach students the knowledge in public health field so that they can face with general public health related issues and specific issues derived from industrialization and urbanization. Besides, students also study health risk, enhance medical care and service quality, implement health policy, enforce occupational site safety, implement the prevention of disease, and promote the healthcare in Taiwan.

Future development

College of Public Health will expand its research scope in accordance with the public health needs such as health care, risk assessment, environment sustain and occupational safety and health. We enhance teaching and research quality to become a diversified public health college; enhance international exchanges with other foreign universities to expand student’s vision; devote ourselves to the enhancement of the level of public health education of students; integrate the development of different departments and institutes to make ourselves a main cradle for cultivate future talents in Taiwan’s public health filed.


College of Public Health
College of Public Health Phone number Location E-mail
College of Public Health 04-22053366#6001 Lifu Hall 16F
Interdisciplinary Freshmen Program for Public Health 04-22053366#6001 Lifu Hall 16F
Department of Public Health 04-22053366#6101 Lifu Hall 16F
Department of Health Services Administration 04-22053366#6301 Lifu Hall 16F
Department of Occupational Safety and Health 04-22053366#6201 Lifu Hall 16F
Department of Health Risk Management 04-22053366#6501 Liouchuan Hall 3F
Graduate Institute of Biostatistics 04-22053366#6601 Lifu Hall 15F
International Master Program for Public Health 04-22053366#6128 Lifu Hall 16F
Master Program for Zoonoses 04-22053366#6128 Lifu Hall 16F