College of Health Care


The College of Health Care was established in February of 2006, and currently comprises of 8 departments and 6 graduate institutes focusing on doctoral education and research. The departments include: School of Nursing, Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology, Department of Nutrition, Department of Physical Therapy, Department of Sports Medicine, Department of Dental Hygiene, Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Technology, and Department of Respiratory Therapy.
The graduate institutes include: Institute of Nursing, Institute of Science and Biotechnology, Institute of Nutrition, and Institute of Rehabilitation Science, Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Technology, and Master Program in Biomedical Engineering.

Vision for the Future


  1. To adhere to the principle for “elective-program, not elective-course”
  2. To carry out a “consistent 5-year dual-degree program”
  3. To implement supplementary education led by learning assistants (LA)
  4. To continue to recruit highly-proficient faculty members


  1. To establish cross-disciplinary research teams and collaboration
  2. To encourage comprehensive and innovative research projects


College of Health Care
College/Department Phone number Location E-mail
College of Health Care 04-22053366#7001 Lifu Hall 14F
School of Nursing 04-22053366#7101 Lifu Hall 10F
Department of Physical Therapy, Master program of Rehabilitation Science 04-22053366#7301 Lifu Hall 12F
Department of Sports Medicine 04-22053366#7601 Lifu Hall 12F
Department of Dental Hygiene 04 -22053366#7701 Lifu Hall 13F
Department of Respiratory Therapy(Two-Year Continuing Education Program) 04-22053366#7901 Lifu Hall 3F
Master Program for Biomedical Engineering 04 -22053366#1819 Ankang Hall 1F
Ph.D. Program for Health Science and Industry 04 -22053366#7701 Lifu Hall 13F
The Ph.D. Program for Medical Engineering and Rehabilitation Science 04 -22053366#1819 Ankang Hall 3F
Biomedical Engineering Research & Development Center 04-22053366#1683 Ankang Hall 1F
HIWIN-CMU Research Center 04 -22053366#7007 Ankang Hall 3F