Date Subject
2016-04-08 For Strategic Partnership, China Medical University and Industrial Technology Research Institute Signed MOU
2016-03-14 Caring.Health, CMU’s Spin-off Company, is in Operation Officially
2016-02-26 China Medical University, National Taiwan Normal University, and Asia University Established Partnership to Facilitate Academic Exchange
2014-12-25 China Medical University Chancellor Dr. Wen-Hwa Lee Awarded as 2014 NAI Fellow
2013-12-06 Signing a New Agreement: The 2+2 Bachelor of Science Program with Georgia State University!
2013-12-05 Signing a New Agreement of Exchange with California State University, Long Beach
2013-04-11 China Medical University Ranked 69th in the 2013 Inaugural Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings
2013-02-25 Value-adding Academia-Industry Cooperation, Creating Multiple Wins – China Medical University Discussed on Strategic Alliance with Sanyi West Lake Resortopia of Miaoli
2013-02-16 Excelling Oneself by Making Others Complete – Prof. Hung-chi Chen Helping the Dumb to “Re-vocalize”
2013-02-01 The Ministry of Education Awards China Medical University with a Four-Year Teaching Excellence Project Again!
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