Date Subject
2017-11-12 On 12th of November, Prof Long-Bin Jeng received the Medical Paragon Prize from Taiwan Medical Association presented by Mr. Shih-Chung Chen of Minister of Health and Welfare.
2017-11-10 2017 Academia-Industry Promotion Day at China Medical University with 6 Universities Signed Incubator Strategic Alliance
2017-10-26 Dr. Chang-Hai Tsai Won Top Ten Educational Entrepreneurs
2017-10-25 Once again, academician of Academia Sinica, our honourable president of China Medical University, Mr.Wen-Hwa Lee has strived another triumph with his research.
2017-10-13 On 13th of October, the 32nd International Symposium on Natural Products Was Held at International Conference Hall of China Medical University.
2017-10-08 The Role Model in Frontier Science Research- Introducing the Winner of 61st Academic Award- Professor Wu, Kou-Juey
2017-08-29 CMU Alumni held 2017 Taiwan- Japan Joint Concert
2017-08-15 CMU Ranked 197th at 2017 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)
2017-08-09 CMU American Alumni Association and NATMA Visit in November
2017-08-09 2017 Nepal International Medical Voluntary team –Meeting the Health Minister of Nepal and the Pokhara Rainbow Orphanage Event
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