Date Subject
2016-11-12 “It is not the gift but the thoughts that count”-----Plaques are bestowed from patients
2016-11-11 The change of pattern of precipitation with global warming- Academician Shaw Chen Liu’s talk at China Medical University
2016-10-28 Tomorrow it is: Professor Teh's coming to Vist! WITH special lecture~
2016-10-18 Yet another! CMU students do well with learning by giving. Students from School of Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine, China Medical University (CMU) offered medical services in Yunlin County.
2016-10-17 China Medical University and Aurora set up medical 3D printing joint venture
2016-10-14 China Medical University and Asia University Cohosting: 2016 International Symposium in Innovative 3D Printing Medical Application and Clinical Use
2016-09-29 China Medical University hosted 2016 International Symposium on Quality Control of Traditional Chinese Medicine with worldwide scholars’ greatly participated!
2016-09-29 Teacher’s day musicale held by Bliss and Wisdom Youth
2016-09-13 ‘An accomplished disciple owes his accomplishment to his great teacher’-Another school term has begun
2016-09-02 Don't miss out. Upcoming hot topic & special lecture given by Professor Oreffo from University of Southampton
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