Date Subject
2018-11-26 Taiwan’s Chinese Medicine Shines on the World: CMU Professor Jaung-Geng Lin Invited by The 19th International Congress of Oriental Medicine as the Guest Speaker
2018-11-19 Acupuncture Shines on the World Stage: CMU Professor Hung-Rong Yen was Invited by UNESCO as the Guest Speaker
2018-11-05 Great Examples of Medical Contribution: Doctor Mao-Feng Sun and Doctor Chiu-Ching Huang Both Honored the “Medical Contribution Award” by Taichung City Government
2018-11-04 “Lifetime Achievement Award” Honored to CMU Vice President Jyh-Hong Chen
2018-11-01 CMU Professor Hung-Rong Yen was Invited to the “2018 International Symposium of Integrative Medicine Research” and the “7th Joint Symposium of WHO Collaboration Center for Traditional Medicine"
2018-10-31 CMU Office of Graduate Student Affairs Held the “Elite Doctoral Student Award Competition and Graduate Student Poster Competition” to Promote CMU’s Academic Research Performance
2018-10-26 New Method for Pain Relief in Acupuncture Discovered by Professor Yi-Hung Chen and NTU Research Team
2018-10-21 CMU School of Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine Provided Volunteer Clinic in Yunlin County
2018-10-19 CMU Professor Su-Hang Zhuo’s Research Team Honored the “2018 Future Technology Award” by Developing the World's First Nucleic Acid Interference Drug for Myopia Treatment
2018-10-15 The National Medicine Cup: Chancellor Wen-Hwa Lee Encouraged the Athletes to Play with Sportsmanship
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