Prof. Le Viet Hung, President of Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Visited China Medical University

Date: April 26, 2010

Assistant, Center of International Affairs, Shu-Yu, Rita, Chen
Editor, Executive officer, Center of International Affairs, Prof. Yuk-Man Leung

Hanoi University of Pharmacy (HUP), located in Hanoi City downtown, belongs to the Ministry of Health. HUP originated from the Medical School (Ðcole de MÐdecine) which was founded in 1902 in Hanoi. The training of pharmacists for a University degree has started since 1926. HUP is an outstanding university for undergraduate and postgraduate training in pharmacy. HUP is the only one in the North and the Center of Vietnam to offer multiple degree courses in Pharmacy.

President Le Viet Hung of HUP visited China Medical University (CMU) with 2 professors and the Director of International Relationship to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CMU on April 26th 2010. In the meeting, President Hung of HUP emphasized their efforts to develop the quality control of medical plans to improve the training of faculties and students; therefore, HUP would like to exchange scholars and students with CMU to promote the development of skills and professional know-how. After the meeting, Prof. Tian-Shung Wu, Dean of School of Pharmacy, and Prof. Shin-Hun Juang, Chair of Graduate Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, guided guests from HUP to visit laboratories of School of Pharmacy and Tsuzuki Institute for Traditional Medicine. Finally, Assistant Professor Hsiang-Wen Lin also escorted guests to visit Pharmacy Department of China Medical University Hospital.



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Signing Ceremony at CMU
Meeting with HUP
Laboratory Visiting at Pharmacy Department