Prof. William Hntz, Professor of University of Victoria, Visited China Medical University

Date: March 25, 2010

Clerk, Center of International Affairs, Yu-Hsuan, Laurel, Lai
Assistant, Center of International Affairs, Pei-Wen, Fifi, Yeh
Translator, Assistant, Center of International Affairs, Shu-Yu, Rita, Chen
Editor, Executive officer, Center of International Affairs, Prof. Yuk-Man Leung

Located in Victoria City of Victoria Island, BC, Canada, Victoria College was established in 1902 and was transformed into University of Victoria (UVic) in 1963. President Jong-Tsun Huang of China Medical University (CMU), along with severed professors from China Medical University (CMU) visited UVic in Summer 2007 and thus initiated short-term summer academic study programs in 2009. Our 15 students elect participated in the program, pursuing further studies in biochemistry and related disciplines. To consolidate the mutual cooperation programs of both universities, Dr. William Hintz, ex-Chair of Biochemistry Department, visited CMU on March 25th, 2010, to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Professor Chang-Hung Chou, Dean of College of Life Sciences. Hence, the cooperation between the two universities will continue and the exchange program will also be published in 2010. President Jong-Tsun Huang wished to start short-term training program for School of Medicine of CMU and University of British Columbia (UBC), making reference to the exchange programs between CMU Department of Medicine and Ohio State University (OSU) and the audio-visual distance exchange activities between School of Medicine of CMU and that of UBC. After signing the contract, Dr. William Hintz visited College of Life Sciences with Professor Chang-Hung Chou, Dean of College of Life Sciences, Professor Jing-Gung Chung, Chair of Department of Biological Science & Technology, and Associate Professor Yuk-Man Leung, Chair of Graduate Institute of Neural and Cognitive Sciences.

Dr. William Hintz spent 2 hours introducing University of Victoria and the Field Program & Bamfield Marine Sciences Research Station 2011 to our students. This program contains two parts: Language Training and Biology Lessons. The students who participate in this program have to attend language training for 20 hours in UVic, and then take Biology Lessons in Bamfield Marine Sciences Research Station. The main topics are extinct amphibian in North America, the definition of Chytridiomycosis, methods to search for Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, etc. The students who participated in the summer program in 2009 found it very impressive. It enhanced their understanding of the multiple aspects of marine ecology and increased their ability to observe and analyze. Many students are looking forward to attending the 2011 summer program activities.

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Academic discussion
Signing Ceremony
Group photo
Professor Chang-Hung Chou introduced Research Center of Biodiversity
Prof. Hintz introduced University of Victoria to students
Group photo
Students of 2009 Program met Prof. Hintz