Prof. Qismullah Yusuf, Syiah Kuala University, visited China Medical University

Date: January 21, 2010

Clerk, Center of International Affairs, Yu-Hsuan, Laurel, Lai
Translator, Assistant, Center of International Affairs, Yi-Chi, Ashlen, Weng
Editor, Executive officer, Center of International Affairs, Prof. Yuk-Man Leung

Prof. Qismullah Yusuf, Syiah Kuala University (SKU), along with Mr. Wei-Ping Jia and Mr. Sin-Yi Li, visited China Medical University to discuss the possibility of SKU students studying in Taiwan under government scholarships and to sign MOU on January 21st, 2010.

SKU, located in Aceh Province, was established in 1961. The university has nine colleges, thirty five departments and nine graduate institutions now.

The tsunami destroyed many places in Aceh Province in 2004. Two hundred and thirty thousand people died from the tsunami, including around three thousand teachers and two thousand medical practitioners and para-practitioners. In order to rebuild Aceh Province from the tsunami, Aceh government set Aceh Scholarship in 2008 to support outstanding people studying overseas for their Master and Doctoral Degrees to assist Aceh government after completing their education.

After visiting CMUH, Prof. Qismullah Yusuf expressed that he would like to have more academic exchanges with CMU, such as sending Syiah Kuala University's students and professors to take short-term or long- tern courses about TCM at CMU and CMUH. Professor Huang, President of CMU, suggested that CMU, along with Tulane University and Syiah Kuala University, could establish a center for disaster management to prevent and mitigate disasters.

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Director Hsu demonstrated moxibustion
Academic Discussion
Group Photo
Prof. Sung guided a tour at CMUH