Providing Customized 3D Medical Services: CMU’s Spin-off Company “Ever Young BioDimension” Received the 15th National Innovation Award

Date: November 30, 2018

Ever Young BioDimension, the spin-off company of China Medical University, provides services with prospective 3D medical technology. The service shows great market potential and Ever Young BioDimension receives the 15th National Innovation Award in the Startup Company Category.
Ever Young BioDimension is a company that provide customized medical assistive devices. It aims to become the largest company in Asia Pacific that focuses on 3D printing integrating medicine and local healthcare service.
“Our company adopted the operation mode combined with certified hospital system. We assist medical departments such as dentistry, neurosurgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, rehabilitation, etc., by providing 3D medical technology and medical devices. We provide technical support for doctors to shorten the surgery time, reduce patient risk, and upgrade the clinical medical quality.” said Xuan-Zhang Chen, the Chief Operating Officer of Ever Young BioDimension.
Ever Young BioDimension offers various products, including medical model construction, 3D printing equipment sales and services, precision surgery devices, and customized medical material. At the same time, Ever Young BioDimension actively develops cutting-edge services such as bioprinting, and promotes 3D printing medical devices in medical centers and hospitals. In the future, Ever Young BioDimension will cooperate with international companies and channels and it strives to become the best partner of medical institutions and clinics in Asia Pacific area.
The award ceremony of the 15th National Innovation Award was held on November 30th in Taipei. Over 800 guests and awardees from innovative biomedical companies and outstanding research institutions world-wide attended the ceremony. It is an annual big event in the field of healthcare services.

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"Ever Young BioDimension" Received the 15th National Innovation Award