CMU Professor Chia-Hung Hsieh’s Team Received the 15th National Innovation Award by Developing the Drugs to Treat Opioid Addiction

Date: November 30, 2018

Taiwan is in urgent need of the medical treatment for patients with drug addiction. The research team of CMU Professor Chia-Hung Hsieh from Graduate Institute of Biomedical Science discovered that the Scla711 knockout mouse is not addictive to opioids so they developed new drugs based on this discovering. The new drug has passed clinical trials and is proved to effectively prevent and treat the addictive effect of opium. This innovative development received the 15th National Innovation Award and it is expected that more patients with addiction problems can be cured.
The award ceremony of the 15th National Innovation Award was held on November 30th in Taipei. Over 800 guests and awardees from world-wide innovative biomedical companies and outstanding research institutions attended the ceremony. It is an annual big event in the field of health care services.
There is a worldwide growing trend in the abuse and addiction of opium, and has done a lot of harm to public health, social, and economic condition. However, the existing treatment for opium addiction cannot cure the patients effectively. Therefore, it is urgent to develop the drug for opium addiction. Professor Hsieh’s team dedicated to the research and clinical application related to drug abuse. They have applied for the clinical trial of USA and Taiwan official drug registration through the concept of drug repurposing. Furthermore, they expect to complete the clinical trial within five years with the drug repurposing of 505(b)(2), which can speed up the inspection and the approval of the new drug.
In 2018, Professor Hsieh’s team became a highlight among new innovation team. They was selected by the SPARK program of Stanford University and was given the opportunity to publish their research findings in the SPARK global exhibition.
Professor Hsieh positively said, “Once the First-in-Class new drug to treat opium addiction has successfully launched, it will prevent patients from being addictive when taking opioid analgesics and will replace the existing drugs. It is estimated that the economic value of this new drug will reach hundreds of billions US dollars and the situation of the global opium crisis and social crimes can be improved.”

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Professor Hsieh’s Team in the Award Ceremony
Professor Chia-Hung Hsieh’s Research Team