CMU Celebrates 60th Anniversary on 6th of June

Date: June 6, 2018

CMU’s 60th Anniversary ceremony was held in the morning of June 6th. Vice President of the Republic of China Chien-Jen Chen, Mayor of Taichung City Chia-Lung Lin, distinguished presidents and guests from other universities, and alumni from all over the world, teachers and students gathered to witness the glory of China Medical University.

Vice President Chien-Jen Chen indicated that CMU is the first university to integrate both Western and Traditional Medicine. Sixty years after its establishment, CMU has been seeking for innovation, and has cultivated over forty thousand experts in professional fields. Devoted to improving health through sciences, CMU’s high ranking in many surveys and lists reflects its effort and determination for excellence: it was placed 197th in the 2017 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), which comes second among Taiwan universities.  

The Vice President Chen Chien-Jen expected the CMU Shueinan campus to integrate AI intelligence and become a role model to other universities. Taichung City Mayor Chia-Lung Lin mentioned that the land of Shueinan has been transferred, and CMU’s Shueinan campus will soon be ground broken. He believes that the new campus will establish the basis for CMU’s future. 

Vice President Chien-Jen Chen also mentioned that the government is promoting the biomedical industry session of the “5+2 Industrial innovation Plan”. He also encouraged CMU, as a pioneer of its kind and has establishing the Sueinan International Health Industrial Park, could also set up an AI intelligence-based institute in Hsinchu Health Industrial Park for the sake of the benefits of all human kinds.

Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai addressed that every top international cities will have top-notch universities, and CMU is one of those universities that could make contribution to the society. CMU will invest 500 billion in next ten years to fully devote to establishing the biomedical industry and the Sueinan International Health Industrial Park; and develop cutting-edge medicine, Minimally Invasive Surgical Instruments, Intelligent Assistive products and AI intelligence. Under the lead of Taichung city Mayor Chia-Lung Lin, the Sueinan campus will develop into a high-tech biomedical park, and made CMU one of the best universities in the world.
Chancellor Wen-Hwa Lee pointed out that during 60 years, CMU has nurtured over forty thousand professionals in Western and Traditional Medicine and Healthcare. The number increased from 120 per year to 1200 per year. CMU alumni has been spreading all over the world, and has been serving for the society ever since. He also showed his gratitude for Taichung government to support the development of the Sueinan campus, and to give CMU the chance to make contribution to the nation and our offspring.

  During the CMU’s 60th Anniversary ceremony, Chairman Chang-Hai Tsai awarded two Outstanding Honorable Alumni, and 10 Outstanding Alumni. On this special and honorable date, CMU faculties and students has come up with a series of activities to celebrate, including concert, school carnivals, club activities, exhibitions and academic symposia. Everybody is welcome to join the festival and share the glory and achievements of CMU!



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