Taiwan-Asian Prosthodontic Day- from Taiwan to the World!

Date: January 22, 2018

Taiwan-Asian Prosthodontic Day was a special day established by Asia Academy of Prosthodontics- an association consists of prosthodontics- related academies and dentists from dozens of Asia counties, which aim is to promote the specialty of prosthodontics in Asia through international exchange.

This year, Taiwan-Asian Prosthodontic Day press conference was held at CMU on January 22nd. CMU Professor Fuh, Lih-Jyh, also the Chairman of Asia Academy of Prosthodontics, mentioned that the goal of the association is to convey the importance of dental care to the citizens, to shed light on social welfare of senior citizens, and to connect Taiwan with international dental health association.

Zhang Rui-lin, the Deputy Director of Taichung Health Bureau indicates that started from 2014, CMUH has provided subsidies on dentures for over 215 people, including the elderly, low-income families and aboriginals. Living in an aging society, dental health has become an important part of social welfare. And Taiwan-Asian Prosthodontic Day is definitely a milestone for Taiwan Dentistry to be connected to the world!


Taiwan-Asian Prosthodontic Day press conference