The change of pattern of precipitation with global warming- Academician Shaw Chen Liu’s talk at China Medical University

Date: November 11, 2016

Science should not depend on beliefs but evidence. This is the motto of Academician Shaw Chen Liu of Academia Sinica in researching Atmospheric Sciences. He performed field observations and published extraordinary research about torrential rains dependence of global climate change theory.

Liu’s research found that as global warming persists, the pattern of regional rainfall depends on heavy-precipitation-get-heavier and light-precipitation-get-lighter mechanism (HHLL) other than wet-get-wetter and dry-get-drier mechanism (WWDD). Liu also stressed that the specificity in predicting pattern of rainfall using climate model is low. The model is not sufficient enough to be the reference in adaption strategy of the government.

In recent years, Academician Liu was invited to give talks about climate change and the importance in carbon reduction. He pointed out, typhoon will bring more torrential rains to Taiwan as well as other areas. For every 1 degree Celsius increase in global temperature, the first 10% of torrential rains will increase 1.5 times, increasing the risk of debris flow and flood. Furthermore, the decrease of light rain increases probability of drought.


(Chinese Version.)