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Fact Sheet

Date Subject
2013-04-15 China Medical University Ranked 69th in the 2013 Inaugural Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings
2013-02-21 The Ministry of Education Awards China Medical University with a Four-Year Teaching Excellence Project Again!
2012-06-04 China Medical University International Student Day
2012-05-11 English Courses of General Education
2012-03-20 Assistant Professor Dr. Kuan-Pin Su has been awarded the “Thomson Reuters Taiwan Research Front Award 2011”
2012-03-20 Professor Jing-Gung Chung and Associate Professor Jai-Sing Yang have been awarded the “Thomson Reuters Taiwan Research Front Awards 2011”
2012-03-12 China Medical University Taking Internationalization to the Next Level
2011-11-30 Alumni of Taichung First Senior High School Enjoy a Gathering at China Medical University
2011-11-07 International Student Exchange Program
2011-11-01 Halloween.
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